Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Stop Future Disasters

Here is a great example of both learning about the future and having fun at the same time!

The United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction group has teamed up with the UK game design studio Playerthree to create the Flash-based “Stop Disasters” game. The goal of the game is to reduce the harmful results of catastrophic natural events — the disaster that gets stopped isn’t the event itself, but its impact on human life.

And here's h ow it works:

The player chooses what kind of disaster is to be faced (earthquake, hurricane, tsunami, wildfire or flood), then has a limited amount of time to prepare for the inevitable. The player can build new buildings, retrofit or demolish old ones, install appropriate defensive infrastructure (such as mangroves along tsunami-prone shorelines or firebreaks around water towers), institute preparedness training, install sirens and evacuation signs, and so forth — all with a limited budget, and with ancillary goals that must be met for success, such as building schools and hospitals for community development, or bringing in hotels for local economic support.

Once the money is spent (or the time runs out), the preordained disaster strikes, and the player gets to see whether his or her choices were the right ones. At the easy level, there’s generally enough money to protect the small map and limited population; at the harder levels, the player must make difficult choices about who and what to save.

Its like playing SimCity yet you can be involved from a few minutes to 25 minutes... and for all ages, believe me!

Again, the link: “Stop Disasters” game


A.V. Michaels said...

Wow, that's pretty cool, thanks for sharing. And thanks for the tip about the conference here in May - actually I hadn't known about it yet so mahalo!!

Sophia said...

I'll have to pass this info on to my friend Alex who likes video games without manmade violence. Thanks for the link.

Kingsley said...

Hi A.V. - you might like to look into the Exopolitics group who have their HQ on Hawaii.

Hi Sophia - thanks for popping by! Why not try the 'game' yourself... it helps to pass a few lingering minutes... :-)

Anonymous said...

That game is awesome, Kingsley! Thankyou for recommending it. I'm not very good at it though!LOL Are you any good at it?

Love Zoe XXXX