Sunday, April 01, 2007

Military Mind Scanning

They never stop, do they? The future is increasingly going to be fought in the area of neurotechnology.

Consciousness is the ultimate 'high ground' from which to gain control over human behaviour and evolution; it is the realm where the changes are really occuring. And now the U.S. military is working on computers than can scan your mind and adapt to what you're thinking. In this article in Wired called 'Pentagon Preps Mind Fields for Smarter War Stations' it writes that:

Since 2000, Darpa, the Pentagon's blue-sky research arm, has spearheaded a far-flung, nearly $70 million effort to build prototype cockpits, missile control stations and infantry trainers that can sense what's occupying their operators' attention, and adjust how they present information, accordingly. Similar technologies are being employed to help intelligence analysts find targets easier by tapping their unconscious reactions. It's all part of a broader Darpa effort to radically boost the performance of American troops.

"Computers today, you have to learn how they work," says Navy Commander Dylan Schmorrow, who served as Darpa's first program manager for this Augmented Cognition project. He now works for the Office of Naval Research. "We want the computer to learn you, adapt to you."

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Sophia said...

It seems the "computers in the brain" era is even more upon us that I had originally thought.