Thursday, July 24, 2003

The science of brain-pattern influence is very old. There have been buildings originally constructed for the purpose of having a specific effect upon the person (e.g. Taj Mahal). This is not new 'news' - many religious buildings were built for this purpose - the term 'sacred geometry' is often used in this context. They say that one of the purposes for the idea of the Pilgrimmage was for humans to act as conduits between these religious 'energy' centres, much like bees act as carriers of pollen for the pollination of plants - so too were humans the carriers of energy between these centres.

As mentioned in a previous post, these 'methods' have now fallen from favour, and the energy pollution on the earth is at an extremely high level, thus affecting the patterns of our thought and of thought/feeling transference. Hence, the high amounts of stress, worry, and general apathy.

It is thus important to create one's own space, away from these intrusive influences where one can refuel the battery, so to speak. In this area, positive thought is very helpful as it counteracts any negative energies polluting the body/mind's functioning. We should be attentive to inner states and frames of mind, so as to know when one is feeling negatively influenced and to balance this by a projected 'blast' of positive thought and mental energy.

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