Friday, July 18, 2003

On the subject of wave patterns affecting neural functioning, a brief mention should be made in reference to prayer. Without getting into a debate about the original function of religion as it was presented on this planet, something about prayer can be said. Its function, one of several, is to prepare the mind to become more receptive to particular influences through transformative states of neuronal-wave activity. For this reason, a prayer in the form of a repeated word - be it a mantra, chant, or zhikr - is a method to activate particular functional sound waves that act upon brain functioning to open up certain targeted areas. This 'opening up' is part of the process towards greater awareness, cognition, and personal development of one's being.

Although it has often been performed as a unknowing ritual, or habit, its true purpose, known at least by those in its inception, is to facilitate spiritual growth through accelerating conscious evolution. It is, in fact, a science - as all true spirituality is. The cosmos resonates with energy, both conscious and unconscious. It is the hope that we, as a species, will learn to participate in this cosmic dancehall.

Due to recent, historically speaking, aversions away from religious practices, there has had to be more contemporary methods introduced. Most of these we do not suspect. However, that is beyond our functional use. For our immediate purposes it is necessary to devote adequate time in our lives to quiet contemplation, meditation, and personal prayer, or thought-gathering.

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