Wednesday, July 16, 2003

~ The macroshift moves toward a successful conclusion if, and only if, a
critical mass of people in society evolve their mindset: if they generate
and embrace values, worldviews, and ethics that mesh with the conditions
that were inadvertently spawned by the technological innovations of their
predecessors. ~

The macroshift that Laszlo (2001) refers to in the opening quote is a bifurcation that occurs at a specifically complex level within a society’s dynamic evolution. It is, says Laszlo, a ‘bifurcation of human civilization in its quasi totality.’ (Laszlo, 2001, p.9). This is a bifurcation on an unprecedented global level that relies upon a mass evolution of our current mindset that, as Laszlo implies, is a move from a Cartesian worldview of parts to one encompassing a connected wholeness. Such a move being triggered by our technical innovations.

Such innovations allow our mindset to comprehend the move that we need to take into a more consciously aware and integrated society, such that our human species may develop towards evolving a species mind. This level of connectivity will necessarily invoke mass sensitivity towards communal thoughts and feelings. This should not be thought of as being scary nor fantasy - merely a higher stage of functioning.

However, we need to prepare ourselves first. Otherwise, that which is truth will seem like science-fiction.

Laszlo, E. (2001) Macroshift: Navigating the Transformation to a Sustainable World. San Francisco: Berret-Koehler Publishers, Inc.

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