Thursday, July 17, 2003

It is scientifically known that the rise in electromagnetic waves in the earth's atmosphere has risen dramatically during the last century. According to one source - the active researcher Dr. Nick Begich - it has risen by a 200 million fold in the last century. This is staggering. Our bodies are essentially energy-based, with strong susceptability to electromagnetism - how will this effect the human species?

Environmental factors are changing at a pace that may be too fast for us. Our time to adapt is short. We are most likely not the first civilisation to have had such technologies either; the cyclic nature of civilisations should make us think about where we are heading and the time scale we have.

Ernest Scott ('The People of the Secret') and Rodney Collin ('Theory of Celestial Influence') have both indicated the time lengths involved with the inception of cultures by conscious minds. I will not go into detail here, lest to say that there may be now a race between the length of time our present civilisation has and the need to evolve enough conscious minds in order to direct, or manage, the next planetary phase. This notion, although obscure and abstract to the casual thinker, is not without its active adherents. There is much material available to support this, yet is not 'received opinion', nor is it likely to be.

Received opinion has its function, as does a foreman oversee general operations. It is, however, not the head.

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