Thursday, January 12, 2006

Brain-to-Brain Communication

One of the research goals currently underway in government funded DARPA projects is for humans to be able to send sounds, images, and other bits of information to other humans in direct thought transference. Successful work has been done between the transfer of thought between human-computer interface: this, however, is not the goal. This is telepathy made possible through technological means, rather than through the tried and tested ancient route of physical and spiritual self-development.

This exists on the understanding of feedback loops. Current trends in neuroscience has identified means to form spatial relations through wireless connectivity with machines - yet machines are still lacking in context understanding - thus, human-to-human is the goal.

Imagine the scenerio whereby one person can pass their imagination, ideas, and aspirations to another in mental images...and what about emotional transference, and the redundancy of language? If this was achieved through a brain implant then all those people who either refused or who were not able to have such an operation, they would be ostracised from a growing community of privileged people who communicated 'in silence'.

As one researcher admitted: "With neural prosthetics, information from the emotional centres of someone else - say, a loved one - could be piped straight to your empathy centre."

It's bad enough trying to understand one another with verbal communication!

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