Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hypertime, Hyperself, and Googling The Akashic

A site called 'Future Hi' has an extensive and fascinating archive of articles on topics varying from 'Exotic Civilizations: Beyond Kardachev'; 'Reality and Consciousness: Turning the Superparadigm Inside Out', to 'Eco-Transhumanism' and more.

I especially liked the post on 'Hypertime, Hyperself, and Googling The Akashic': here is an extract -

"Imagine a point in which your intelligence, a vast network and continuum of information, knowledge and wisdom, begins mapping this holographic universe using hyper-intelligent "semantic", hyper-synaesthetic meta-data, to use contemporary metaphors. Is higher intelligence already doing this with our most intimate moments now? Is this higher intelligence ourselves in "the future" living vicariously through our "past selves", having not reflected yet that is in fact a hyper-intelligence capable of transcending all of it? Better still, are such distinctions between our so-called "lowly" selves and this higher self a false dichotomy? Perhaps that is what all the great sages have been trying to tell us - we are already gods, are already this higher intelligence!"

And some great audio posts from such people as Terence McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson.

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