Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Merged Evolution

A well-researched book that deals with the issues covered by this site is:

'Merged Evolution: Long-term Implications of Biotechnology and Information Technology' by Susantha Goonatilake - published by the World Futures General Evolution Studies (editor in chief is actually Ervin Laszlo)

The world today is in a constant state of change. Information technology and biotechnology together seek to rewrite the cultural and biological history of the Earth. "Merged evolution" charts the implications of these two major forces of change combined with a third force, that of artifactual information, which is handed down dichronically from computing device to computing device. Through developments anticipated in the near future, Dr. Goonatilake describes the merging of these three systems, a convergence which will profoundly affect the biological social, and technical fields much more than previous studies have implied. Together these changes yield an entirely different history - and a different future of the world for life, nature and civilization. This text addresses the broader issue arising from these important developments using the unifying perspectives of general evolutionary theory to yield a fresh and profound insight.

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