Sunday, January 15, 2006

Six ways to increase intelligence

Following on from the previous post about Leary's 3-ways: here is an extension provided by

* Increase the diversity of input (varieties of sensory perceptions)
* Increase the diversity of transformations (multiple meanings / interpreations /
* Increase the diversity of output (expression / application)
* Improve the conditions of the physical support systems (body, environment)
* Remove or reduce the environmental factors which inhibit intelligence (labels,
bureaucracies, etc.)
* Increase the environmental factors which support intelligence (trust,
communities, unpredictability, communication technologies, etc.)

Also, its worth checking out some of the words/ideas of another Techno-Shaman - Antero Ali:

He has a good interpretation of Leary's 8 -fold path of consciousness in a short essay titled:'The NEUROPHARMACY of an EIGHT-CIRCUIT BRAIN
"On the Induction of Eight Different Types of Trance"


Hope A. said...

I don't know whether or not personal awareness is a matter here, I believe that it should be in the list. Especially, contact with nature and animals. Maybe it doesn't make you a smart ass but concerned

Kingsley said...

Selam Hope,

Evet, I agree - in all the tech-utopia that surrounds us.. as the tech-heads drive us towards an accelerated evolution... we should not forget our humanity: and that includes our compassion, our empathy, and our love.