Thursday, January 26, 2006

Is 'cyberspace' dead?

In a recent Wired article called "Cyberspace" Is Dead a few leading thinkers were asked about what they would term as the new 'word' for our new cyber-society:

"Twenty years after William Gibson coined the term cyberspace in his novel Neuromancer, we live in a world of smart objects, always-on devices, and perpetually open information channels. The Internet feels less like an alternate world that we "go to" and more like just another layer of life. Besides, doesn't cyberspace sound kind of played out? Clearly, we need a better word. The Institute for the Future asked a virtual roundtable of leading thinkers to coin a term for our new new reality. Here's what they came up with."

I like both 'Augmented reality', and 'Infosphere'.....perhaps one day it will just be, as Neil Gershenfeld says - 'the world'

Our world.....

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