Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What Can Be Done

Recently I mentioned that Montalk had self-published his book both as print and as a free online e-book. Having finished reading it I can say it is a very clear exposition for a reader wanting the basics in 'fringe knowledge' on esoteric matters dealing with issues of an arcane nature. Here is an extract, near to the end of the book:

Good news is that some people are waking up, finding themselves in situations similar to your own. On the other hand, lots of people are also shriveling up spiritually, becoming increasingly empty and bitter. So remember that because “saving the world” requires that people save themselves, only the willing can be assisted. There is no point in getting stubbornly frustrated with the rejection and ridicule you might face from those not ready or willing to expand their minds.

The surest way to work for the betterment of mankind is to improve yourself, educate yourself, become aware and skilled at delivering that awareness to others who are interested. It’s more about building up your potential to serve than just going out there and haphazardly trying to do good. The actual opportunities to “do something” happen when they happen—you’ll be inspired with a good idea and your situation will coincidentally be in the right state for you to carry it out. In the meantime, prepare. Improving yourself means becoming ever more mentally stable and emotionally balanced, acquiring wisdom from observation and experience, taking great care to deal with people according to their level of understanding. Educating yourself means learning more about what really matters, what is really going on in this world and within yourself, the hidden things that manipulate people that could be stopped if only they knew about it, and the positive principles that if known and applied would allow one to progress more intelligently and powerfully yet compassionately through life.

What Can Be Done

As you continue your research, there is only so much you can learn about the rampant corruption, injustice, and exploitation in this world before you start itching to “do something” about these problems. Perhaps you get frustrated that more people aren’t seeing the truth, or that those who do are not taking more action. All this reading, networking, and talking may seem like an ineffective use of time when the world appears to be burning down before our eyes and action is needed now. It is this impatient attitude that leads to energy wasted in frustration, haste, and self-sabotage. Be wise and remember that preparation and timing are keys to effective action, and that timing is decided by factors not always under your control. Acting prematurely misses the mark just as much as procrastination.

As Montalk finally reminds the reader (importantly!) -

...When you lift yourself, you lift the world in an indirect but significant manner.

Begin with one's self - positive self development, with knowledge and not ignorance nor distraction.

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