Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mind Games

Journalist Sharon Weinberger, who is also editor of Defense Technology International has written an illuminating cover article for the Washington Post titled 'Mind Games' which takes a credible look at those people who call themselves Targeted Individuals (TIs) of covert government mind surveillance. It follows the story of Harlan Girard who has considered himself as a target for mind weapons since the 1980s - and examines some of the background to military involvement in the patents of microwave weaponry - or EM Weapons.

Six months after the voices began, they had another question for him: "Mr. Girard, Mr. Girard. Why aren't you dead yet?" At first, he recalls, the voices would speak just two or three times a day, but it escalated into a near-constant cacophony, often accompanied by severe pain all over his body -- which Girard now attributes to directed-energy weapons that can shoot invisible beams.

Having also read some background into this subject I would caution the reader not to dismiss the possibility too easily...

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Scott said...

Boy, another synchronicity,, I just read this same article not long ago,,
this is an interesting subject, regardless of what we 'think' we may judge these people experiences by.