Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ancient Soundtracks

Various sources have discussed the use of accoustics for interfering with objects and either moving or destroying them. The famous Biblical story of the fall of Jericho is often cited here. Some investigators have even speculated that the Egyptian pyramids were formed by some type of accoustics.

See Stone Age Soundtracks as a good introduction on this topic and which discusses sections on Infrasound - below the hearing ability of the human ear, but one can feel it - brainwave states, the resonation of body parts, and music and mysticism.

Is it rare that such subjects get a mention in more orthodox books. Yet I have recently been reading Future War which deals with the military use of non-lethal weapons. Here the author - retired colonel John B. Alexander - discusses accepted military findings on accoustics based on recorded instances:

'Ancient Tibetan applications of sound for levitation of heavy objects have been documented in recent years. A famed Swiss aircraft designer, Henry Kjellson, observed and recorded heavy stones, each about 1.5 meter cube, being lifted to a position 400 meters above them by monks using musical instruments... other stories have suggested that a similar proceedure may have been used to move stones at the pyramids in Egypt'

The book also goes on to note Russian and US military research into infrasound accoustic weapons.

The future is less about what is perceivable and more about what affects the human body-mind beyond the senses.

How can a person block unwanted external environmental impacts?

Do not accept Fear. Produce no Fear. Retain your own strength & energy.

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Zoe said...

Some Crop-Circle researches think that they are perhaps created by infrasound also!

It is such a facinating area of research isn't it!

Zoe xx