Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The subject of HAARP just never seems to go away - in fact it's growing: exactly! And the project isn't finished yet.

Free Press International has a short video introducing this subject in a post titled Haarp: Altering Our World


Alongside this it's worth mentioning a recent story from NASA which I found to be very revealing: in A Growing Intelligence Around Earth NASA explains how its new breed of satellites around the Earth have machine intelligence and can spontaneously respond to events happening on Earth, and communicate between other satellites on this information. It says:

'EO-1 is a new breed of satellite that can think for itself. "We programmed it to notice things that change (like the plume of a volcano) and take appropriate action," Chien explains. EO-1 can re-organize its own priorities to study volcanic eruptions, flash-floods, forest fires, disintegrating sea-ice—in short, anything unexpected.

And now the intelligence is growing. "We're teaching EO-1 to use sensors on other satellites." Examples: Terra and Aqua, two NASA satellites which fly over every part of Earth twice a day. Each has a sensor onboard named MODIS. It's an infrared spectrometer able to sense heat from forest fires and volcanoes—just the sort of thing EO-1 likes to study. "We make MODIS data available to EO-1," says Chien, "so when Terra or Aqua see something interesting, EO-1 can respond."'

Well... enjoy!

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