Friday, October 27, 2006

Manipulation of Will

Today we are living through a battle of Wills - can people be fooled as easily as the foolers want us to be? Do we give permission?

Conflict in developed regions is less about physical cohercion and more about covert manipulation. The real objective of war - as well as these days since we are living in 'days of war' - is the imposition of Will.

Prussian military strategist von Clausewitz called war 'an extension of diplomacy by other means. Imposition of will, not physical destruction, is the appropriate measure of success'

For example, look into this influential US military document that did the rounds - O'Neill, Richard P. (CDR, USN). Toward a Methodology for Perception Management. Newport, RI, Jun 1989. 58 p. (Naval War College (U.S.) Center for Advanced Research. Paper)Doc. call no.: M-U 41662-6 D58t

As Retired Colonal John Alexander puts it:

'The fact is, perception management has become a well-honed, fine art in the civilian sector. We call it politics!...Perception management is ubiquitous in today's society...and the target of information warfare is the human mind. The only logical solution is to acknowledge perception management and execute it well' (Future War - p. 112-3)

Our we literally losing our minds...???

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