Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A future networked society

The future of the world is the future of the collective: autonomy is decreasing in a covert sense. The perceived existence of the 'individual' will remain yet the identity, position, and knowledge of the individual will be wrapped in a meshwork of interconnectivity and interdependencies.

At present there are many voices calling to be granted access to the priviledged networks of communication and information. In the future the question will be reversed: it will not be can we get on the Net but rather can we get off the Net...

The plans are in place - future networked 'smart' infrastructures are designed to enmesh nations and civilians into networks of efficiency... see this EU paper (pdf) called the Trans-European Transport Network that outlines the infrastructures of future movements. And these movements will be tracked by the Galileo satellite consortium of 30 satellites to track all movements within this mesh: t he report states:

'More and more often, it will become necessary to ascertain one's precise position in space and time in a reliable manner. In a few years time this will be possible with the GALILEO satellite radio navigation system, an initiative launched by the European Union and the European Space Agency. This worldwide system will ensure complementarity with the current GPS system.

Satellite radio navigation is an advanced technology. It is based on the emission from satellites of signals indicating the time extremely precisely. This enables any individual to determine his or her position or the location of any moving or stationary object (e.g. a vehicle, a ship, or a herd of cattle, etc.) to within one metre thanks to a small cheap individual receiver.'

The 'part' will become enmeshed in the 'whole' towards a global collectivised society - the only question is whether this is a desired future or a controlled one...?

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A.V. Michaels said...

Can't help but think what the "Allies" said, about a collective society...