Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Twisted Simulacrum of Reality

I have just returned from listening to acclaimed journalist and Middle East specialist Robert Fisk give a talk at Lancaster University. And to hear from the horse's mouth what is actually happening beyond our media only reinforces how conditioned we are by our institutions of lies. We are lied to from birth - by our society, our state institutions - especially the media and education - and endlessly through the tubes we willingly place in our minds to be fed utter deceit.

The energies are changing however - and the onus is increasingly upon the individual to claim their own inheritance. An inheritance that belongs to each one of us: the sleeper must awaken..

Tom at Montalk states the situation correctly when he says:

'There is far more to this world than taught in our schools, shown in the media, or proclaimed by the church and state. Most of mankind lives in a hypnotic trance, taking to be reality what is instead a twisted simulacrum of reality, a collective dream in which values are inverted, lies are taken as truth, and tyranny is accepted as security. They enjoy their ignorance and cling tightly to the misery that gives them identity.

Fortunately, some are born with spiritual immune systems that sooner or later give rejection to the illusory worldview grafted upon them from birth through social conditioning. They begin sensing that something is amiss, and start looking for answers. Inner knowledge and anomalous outer experiences show them a side of reality others are oblivious to, and so begins their journey of awakening. Each step of the journey is made by following the heart instead of following the crowd and by choosing knowledge over ignorance.

Knowledge is the key to unlocking our potential. It gives us the self-determination, responsibility, and power necessary to cast off the chains of covert oppression. Knowledge is therefore the greatest protector, for it also gives us foresight to impeccably handle the challenges of life and, most importantly, to sidestep the traps on the path to awakening. The more you know of higher truths and apply what you know, the more you begin operating under higher laws that transcend the limitations of the lower.'

The opportunity is for us.


Zoe said...

Hi kingsley.

Great post and a wonderful blogg!
I enjoy reading your thoughts.

Isn't it sad that so few people see past the 'reality' in which they are so tightly bound to!

Zoe xx

Anonymous said...

What happens when Pavlov's Dog realizes he is being experimented on and stops Salivating??

When the lab rats look up from their cages and Give the white coats the finger?

"It means these are all lies!!"
fast forword to 2:55