Sunday, October 22, 2006

To not Fear

There is alot of what appears to be deliberate stimulation - perhaps 'over-stimulation'? - going on in the world today. Alot of this is noise; distractions from ourselves; disturbances to our inner peace. Making us fear.

They want us to fear. To be fearful. To be fearful of others. To produce fear.

What better way to keep us bound up in our self-perpetual prisms of insecurity. Fear attracts fear. Like attracts like. That which we project determines what we encounter.

If we resonate in these lower frequencies we give away our capacity, and our power to act for ourselves. Passivity and apathy is not about failing to take to the strees to protest or to fight against the system like a 'great rebel' - this is exactly what is expected of us for it gives the appearance of democracy. Genuine apathy is to give over our self-determination, faith, and confidence to those external to ourselves. To always resonate with balance, goodness, strength and energy is to defy the grand delusion being fostered upon us in these days...

'The times propel you to create new neurological patterns in your being, and what seems at first to be too much stimulation, eventually becomes manageable. Every species goes through a similar process of an expansion of consciousness when it is their time.' - Family of Light


Zoe said...

A brilliant post Kingsley. Thankyou for commenting on my blog also, Do you mind if I add you to my links?

"What better way to keep us bound up in our self-perpetual prism of insecurity...."

Very true, and very frightening that most DO think that open protest is the answer when it really only "distracts us from our inner selves"...our "inner peace". It's very counter-productive indeed.

"Genuine apathy is to give over our self-determination,faith,and confidence to those external to ourselves"

I have posted a few quotes on exactly these lines!

Love reading your thoughts.

Zoe xx

Kingsley said...

Hi Zoe - thanks for the comment - sure you can add me! :-)

Everything begins with ourselves...

Stay well,