Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2012 - It Will Come and Go (but what are you going to do about it, that's what I'd like to know)

I personally don't feel there will be a dedicated 'switch-on' point for the new energies, like switching on the light in a room. The energies are already coming in, seeping through the veil, and causing physical disturbances and mental resonances. Yet in the upcoming years the 2012 'moment' will most likely be a signifier, or marker, for the 'visibility' of the new energies to be more manifest. 2012 will come and go, yet we can invest in what shall remain.

In this light I suggest these words:

We realize that it is difficult to imagine what shall happen after the year 2012, since that is when third density ends and fourth density begins. And we can only describe to you that which is to occur by asking you to realize that all of the densities of Planet Earth within this octave, one through seven, are nested together and interpenetrate each other, much as the various channels on your television set are nested together, being picked up by the same transmitters and receivers and being available by the turn of the knob from one to another to another.

Indeed, there are those among your peoples who are able to switch from the channel of third density to the channel of fourth density now, and who can somewhat reliably report on the development of fourth density. Fourth density, indeed, is fully formed at this time. Because it would violate the free will of third-density entities, fourth density chooses not to be seen, not to be visible to the five senses of your human bodies. Yet it is impossible to eliminate or hide the vibrations of fourth density, which are interpenetrating third density at this time.

Indeed, it is not even desirable to attempt to hide or remove these waves upon waves of fourth-density energy. For they are another part of that which is enabling the last of those who would be harvested at the end of third density on Planet Earth to do their work, to proceed, and to polarize to the extent that they shall, with no trouble whatsoever, walk the steps of light that lead into fourth density...

...There has been an ever-increasing energy among those who are incarnate upon Planet Earth at this time towards desiring to retake the reins of stewardship of Gaia, of Mother Earth, and to administer healing and restoration to the planet which has been so loving and so good to them, and has been their home. And this shall continue for some hundreds of your years to be that great work which many who graduate from third density wish to accomplish before they move on into other lessons...

... It is likely that those who are polarizing towards negative graduation shall continue to hog the news, the headlines, and the avenues of power on this planet. And yet the vast majority of the population of Planet Earth lives without regard to the avenues of power, looking for truth, justice, liberty, beauty and all the fourth-density values within the humble pages of a humbly-lived life. And it is precisely within those humble pages, within those humble lives that your service lies at this time.

(Extracts taken from L/L Research)

Contribution does not need to be magnificent - just be magnanimous in self.


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