Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Be the Change

Dolphin Mandala

We can all change: in fact, that's why we are 'here' right now - wherever that 'here' might be.

Transformation comes through transmutation - we are the alchemists of our own selves. And the alchemical fire is burning very bright these days...its literally raining down on us...entering through the atmosphere and into our very selves/cells. We can all be the change. It takes a choice, and each day we make a myriad of choices. We choose what to allow into our minds and consciousness, and which to filter.

In the words of one person who made the change:

Change your life and become a healthier, happier, better you!

Nature provides us with everything we need physically; Spirit or the Higher Power provides us with everything we need to be whole in mind and soul. These together, work in harmony to bring out the best in you.

Through new ways of seeing yourself, your life, and your surroundings, and improving how you treat your body...such as better nutrition, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, less toxic substances and enjoyable exercise... you will begin to see a New You emerge. We will work together to make sure Mind, Body and Spirit are all taken care of carefully and gently. Balance is the key.

Let the Metamorphosis begin!

Extract (and above picture) from metamorphosis


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