Sunday, August 10, 2008

Putting our foot on the Inner Accelerator

Below are just some of the latest crop circles to have appeared in July 2008 alone, and only within the UK - all to be done by men with planks in one night, I wonder??

Activity is on the increase - We must put our foot on the inner accelerator

Are we being prepared for disclosure?


Astronaut confesses

BBC Interview

Cardiff chase

Are we Ready?


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The Karmalized Couple said...

Hello! Love you blog ... great to see another human on the same path! We actually went to see these crop circles this summer. Words cannot describe the feeling, sitting in them. Some seemed man made ... the simple imperfect ones. Others, appeared over night and were, well, from something else :) Our blog is if you care to see our circle pics! - with gratitude - L & D