Monday, August 25, 2008

The Wanderers - do you feel like one?

Familiar with the term of wanderer? Ever felt a little distanced from the world, or a little uneasiness when in the presence of people?

Wanderers are those souls/spirits who have incarnated here on planet Earth at this time in order to assist in the shift from 3rd - 4th density energies. Often such arrivals are from space/time of a differing vibration, hence the slight unease at having to manifest within the present Earth vibrations.

More in these words:

The role of the wanderers in these latter days, beginning perhaps fifty years ago now and coming to this present moment, has been to accelerate the speed at which the consciousness of Planet Earth was lightened and was lifted from the darkness of oppressive and repressive thinking, which focused upon early third-density behavior, such as defense and aggression when resources were considered desirable.

The new paradigm is that in which entities share and share alike, in which entities love each other, become harmonious with each other, and create one world of peace and prosperity. That kind of prosperity does not create huge differences in estate but rather tends toward that happy situation of there being enough of the resources that are needed for all entities.

It is not that this new paradigm can be put into effect and a new fourth-density planet be created in third density. That is not what we are saying. What we are saying is that in third density, the focus in terms of the purpose of third density is upon each emerging self-aware spirit or soul becoming able to make the free-will choice between the polarity of service to others and the polarity of service to self through faith alone.

The role of the wanderers, then, has been bravely and courageously to dare to enter into third-density incarnation, to come through the veil of forgetting, and then to count on their own awakening in time for them to join the lightening of Planet Earth in terms of where they put their energy and their love. Many are those wanderers who have waited until late to awaken, and so as each wanderer does awaken, it makes it ever more possible for other wanderers to awaken. And as the great bulk of wanderers begin to awaken, that makes it possible for the planetary population as a whole to awaken. So there really is a tipping point within the tipping point in terms of the awakening of the planet to love itself.

(Extract from L/L Research)

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