Saturday, August 30, 2008

Late Third Density - the best party in town?

Have you ever had a similar question to this:

Q - 'We’re wondering just exactly what are we doing here? It seems to many people who have awakened that we’re just trying to get out of a bad situation; get out of a prison; go someplace else. Isn’t there something more that we’re doing here in this third density than just trying to escape?'

An answer given to this question was:

A - It is very humorous to us that you would describe the planet of your choice as a prison, because each and every one of you in this room, and each and every person upon your planet that is alive at this time, fought tooth and nail, as it were, to get into line to have a body and come here at this time.

When one is not within the incredibly intense atmosphere of Planet Earth in extremely late third density, it looks like the best party in town. There is a unique opportunity that you have here in third density to make rapid changes in your balance between love, wisdom and power. And so many, many wanderers have come here with the desire to serve the planet secondary to their desire to alter the balance within their own deeper natures. Now, this begs the question of why the planet is indeed such an intensely vivid density, or why third density on this planet is so vivid...

...There are many hints that are built into third-density life. Your physical form is created in such a way that you need other people, and you must interact with other people. In order for the species to perpetuate, you must form relationships with other entities. And so the hints concerning service to self versus service to others are built into the human being’s very nature, both physical, mental and emotional.

And so as entities begin to lift themselves up from total immersion in the business of survival, they can begin to see that there is a way to live which they prefer. And so they begin to choose to live in love and in harmony with nature and with the Creator. Again, it is part of the human instinct to seek for the Creator. Part of what makes a third-density entity who he is is that instinct to seek for the Creator of his being and to give Him thanks and praise. And so you will not find populations or races or tribes of humankind, no matter how remote or undeveloped according to the earmarks of civilization, that do not have what you would call spirituality or religion as part and parcel of their society.

So, you have a school of souls. It is not a school that pushes entities to make decisions or that makes them at all obvious. Rather, it is a rich environment in terms of potential for choices.

(Extract taken from L/L Research)

It is worth remembering that 'Oftentimes, entities who are waking up feel terribly isolated and alone. This is not in fact the case, because of the enormous amount of unseen help that each entity has.'


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