Friday, August 15, 2008

Can we make a difference?

Yes - in our very presence we make a difference in each moment. It is the quality of that 'difference', or degree of contribution, which is the central issue:

At first this voice was heard by very few... It has indeed carried to the ends of the Earth. It has done its part in bringing the planetary population of Earth close to a tipping point.

The one known as --- has spoken of the “Hundredth Monkey Effect”, and we would speak of that as well. From the hunger of a few who wished to seek the truth, there has been given as gifts from person to person and group to group, that same hunger. It is an infectious hunger, and it spreads because the nature of third-density entities is to have that hunger. And so that hunger keeps surfacing, no matter what else is occurring within your culture.

And as the energies of repression and fear have moved heaven and earth—literally—to bring the planetary population to a point of permanent fear and submission, they have, in effect, shot their bolt. They have come to the end of what they can do with fear, violence and war, whereas the voice of love has only just begun. So the purpose...during this last five years [towards 2012 and the new energies] is to continue that spread of positively oriented material which may be of help to those who are seeking spiritually in the polarity of service to others.

To wish to engage with these changing times does not require that everyone who desires should take a role of martyrdom or direct action. Much can be given through more subtle interactions: by simply being in presence with the right intentions and energy.

The only 'war' that is being waged right now is the 'war for consciousness' - I suggest we don't give ours away too easily....


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